MOOD Permanent Vegan Hair Colour 100ml


Mood Colour Cream provides vibrant and intense color results in a range of 77 shades from natural and fashion colors to creators, toners and hilift blondes.

An innovative coloring service with a completely new cream base conceived to enhance color result.



The salon that wants to optimize costs, ensuring a single tube two coloring services.



Prepare the skin stretching COLOR ASSIST hairline.

Wear protective disposable gloves, mix the product in the ratio 1: 1 with MOOD ACTIVATOR. Proceed uniformly distributing the dye mixture on dry, unwashed hair. At the end of the development time rinse thoroughly with warm water and cleanse.



Enriched with:

  • Cranberry extract: naturally rich in Vitamin C and Tannins, acts as an antioxidant and fights free radicals to prolong the color longevity.
  • Quinoa extract: protect and repair the hair and add shine. These two natural extracts interact with other specific ingredients that enable a better deposit of color molecules creating a rich and intensive result.



Dermatologically tested, paraben free, Vegan

MOOD Permanent Hair Colour 100ml